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From Matthias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Workflow Extension: Hurting struts functionality?
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 08:03:46 GMT
I think the answer from Joe already addressed your question very good.

The general problem about extending Struts is the need to subclass the 
RequestProcessor.  Thus, two Struts extensions normally cannot be used 
together without the one knowing about the other. Consider extension A 
and extension B. In order to use both of them, the RequestProcessor of 
extension B has to subclass and extend the RequestProcessor from 
extension A (or the other way round).

Therefore,  if you want to use some more extensions than the Struts 
Workflow Extension, you need to do some coding in order to mash them 
together. However, as Tiles is a very popular Struts Extension that is 
even made part of the Struts Distribution (but sadly still is an 
extension), I decided to introduce Tiles support in version  1.0.2  of 
the Struts Workflow Extension.

--- Matthias

C F wrote:

>For anyone here who's had experience using the "Struts
>Workflow" extension
>( can
>you tell me what struts functionality you're missing
>out on if you use this extension.  My first impression
>was that it was just an extension and wouldn't affect
>struts too much.  However, I notice that they just
>added "Tiles Support" in version 1.02.  This indicates
>to me that they must explicitly support certain kinds
>of Struts features.... which then raises concerns that
>it may not support all Struts functionality or that it
>could introduce new bug or support issues.
>Any info much appreciated.  Thanks!
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