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From Siva <>
Subject Re: Why not to use Action chaining ?
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 14:37:10 GMT
thanks jens,

My requirement is like this : I have two different JSP files (assume a.jsp
ane b.jsp) arranged as tiles in a Layout page. If the user makes an action
in a.jsp, I need to change the model corresponds to both the a.jsp and
b.jsp - both are independent and a.jsp will be in a small framework and
this b.jsp can vary according to the modules the user views.

This is the reason I am looking for chaining actions.

thanks again for your help..

"Jens v.P." wrote:

> Hello,
> > Could anyone of you tell me why we ahuld not use Action chaining in
> > struts framework ?
> >
> I'm a Struts newbie, so maybe my answer ends up in a new question. But
> as far as I understand the action pattern (question 1: Are Struts
> actions commands as described in the GOF book). And as far as I
> understand this pattern, an action (or command) capsulates an action in
> an object. An action or command has no state (question 2: as far as I
> understand this pattern... maybe I'm wrong).
> So - why do you want to chain actions? Maybe because one action
> "extends" another action, like one use case can extend another use
> case. In this case, somewhere a state must exists, because otherwise
> one action "includes" the other action. But a state must have no
> influence to an action.
> If you have two actions with no other dependency but that the user can
> trigger them - so why do you need to chain them?
> > I neet to do two different actions for a user action. how can i
> > wachieve
> > it without action chaining?
> >
> Maybe you can explain, why you need two different actions and why you
> think you have to chain them.
> Jens
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