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From "Wu, Feng" <>
Subject RE: Repost: Validator indexed property not working in Struts 1.1 Final Release
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 21:45:50 GMT
Thanks, I have opened a bug report on item one, it is at
 Regarding the second item, is there a paticular reason that the validator is designed to
"stops validating a list of values on the first failure"?  This morning I actually modified so that it validates all memebers of the list and saves error messages for
them all.  So now I get it to display like this:

value is mandatory
value is mandatory
value is mandatory

This is of course not very clear to the user, because I really wanted is to display:

nameList value 1 is mandatory
nameList value 2 is mandatory
nameList value 3 is mandatory

I guess I still need to figure out a way of contructing the error messages in a different
way so that it works for both indexed and non-indexed property.

On the other hand, the validwhen rules that's supposed to come after 1.1 final, will it be
able to handle this kind of validation?  How difficult it would be possible to plug that piece
into Strut 1.1?  The reason I ask is because it will be much difficult for me to sell to the
management the idea of delivering our project on nightly build than on Struts 1.1 final.

Thanks a lot.


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From: David Graham []
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 3:21 PM
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: Repost: Validator indexed property not working in Struts
1.1 Final Release

--- "Wu, Feng" <> wrote:
> Seems like my previous email to the list did not make it.  Here it goes
> again.  Thanks.
> By the way, I can work around the problem of nested:messagePresent not
> finding the ActionError by mannualy generating the property attribute
> like this:
> 	<nested:messagesPresent  property='<%= "nameList[" + i + "].value" %>'>
> But this kind of defeated the purpose of nested tags, does it?

It is indeed broken in 1.1 final and 1.1 RC2 (1.1 RC1 works fine).  Please
open a bug report on the tag so we can track this in bugzilla.

> I still could not figure out why there is only ActionError (for property
> nameList[0].value) is in request scope when I should have three, since
> nameList[1].value and nameList[2].value are blank and should fail
> validation.

This is a current limitation of the validator.  It stops validating a list
of values on the first failure.


> Thank you.
> Feng
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> From: Wu, Feng 
> Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 5:08 PM
> To: 
> Subject: Validator indexed property not working in Struts 1.1 Final
> Release
> Hi,
> First, great works on Struts 1.1 final release.  Just in time since we
> are designing a major project using Struts.
> Got a couple questions regarding validator and indexed properties in
> Struts 1.1 final release:
> 1. Seems that the validation of indexed property in struts-validator
> application (in type.jsp) is broken.  Specifically the page has an
> indexed property nameList[].value.  After I switched to Struts 1.1
> final, the error message no longer shows up.  Does any one has the same
> problem?  I knew this was working in RC1.
> In request scope, I saw ActionError saved for property
> nameList[0].value.  In type.jsp the following code is used to output
> errors for this property:
>          <nested:messagesPresent property="value">
>             <br>
>             <ul>
>                <nested:messages id="error" property="value">
>                   <li><bean:write name="error"/></li>
>                </nested:messages>
>             </ul>
>          </nested:messagesPresent>
> It seems nested:message can no longer match up "value" with
> "nameList[0].value".
> Any expert opinions on this?
> 2. Related (this is not 1.1 final release specific), say I want to
> display error messages for all the members of an indexed property, i.e.,
> in the type.jsp example, I want to display like:
> * nameList value 1 is mandatory
> * nameList value 2 is mandatory
> * nameList value 3 is mandatory
> instead of just displaying "nameList value is mandatory" only once even
> though all three fields are blank.  Is there a simple way of doing that?
>  Again, looks like only nameList[0].value is used as the key to save an
> ActionError when all three fields are blank (thus all warranting error
> messages).
> Is it the designed behavior to save only one ActionError for indexed
> property no matter how many actual members of the indexed property
> actually have?
> Thanks very much.
> Feng
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