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From Maya Retzlaff <>
Subject Memory consumption 1.1 b3 vs. 1.1 final
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2003 17:56:54 GMT

Me and my colleagues are developing a web application in an environment of
very strict memory limitations, for instance the session size per user is
limited to 15k. 
If we go over the limit the application fails. Its out of our control

We are subclassing the DynaActionForm for use in our own forms, when this
form is saved to the session, which we do in rare cases, it uses quite a lot
of memory. 

We were previously running on jakarta-struts-1.1-b3 from October release
which caused no problem. Below is a comparison of the memory consumption
with 1.1 Final on the _same_ form 

Running on the same version of tomcat:

1.1 b3  2344 k
1.1 Final 76624 k

When debugging (serializing and back) we found that the DynaAction uses
FormBeanConfig which in turns refer to ModuleConfigImp which keeps a
reference to the complete struts config file. This in our case, where we
don't use modules but have all the config info in one class, takes quite a
lot of memory. 

In comparing directories, and source from the two different releases nothing
obvious appears. 

The memory problem still appears on our wml interface site where we
ourselves implemented the "front end" bits of struts instead of struts-html,
we can rule out a fair chunk of the struts classes. 

Has anyone else come across the problem? Any suggestions on how we could
reduce the size. 

We'd be very grateful for help as the release date for the project we are
working is starting to get uncomfortably close. 

Best Regards

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