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From "Butt, Dudley" <>
Subject what the webwork guys say about struts
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 09:07:51 GMT

Check out the docs on the Wiki (,
2 - migrating from Struts to WebWork2

And the article I just posted:
bWork2 which is a general overview of WebWork2.

For your specific questions, WebWork is better than Struts because it is
a simpler framework, with less ties to the web and in genral less
useless contracts for your code to implement. Being less coupled makes
things easier to test, which is always better. With WebWork2, we've
added some very powerful features. Check the docs I listed for the

For the view, you can use Velocity as well as JSP, FreeMarker,
JasperReports, and XML/XSLT. Velocity and JSP are the most common, and
the best supported, but all are first class citizens in WW, unlike Stuts
where anything but JSP is difficult. 


I use Webwork in my 'Enterprise Java' clases, largely because it is 
incredibly simple. One reason for this is it let's us deal JSP as a 
single presentation tier, which reduces the learning curve (and you can 
always move to something else at a later stage).

The mapping from HTTP Request to Actions is really cohesive. You have a 
form with fields, you have an action with corresponding fields. Data 
gets populated and the Action is executed.

It really is that simple to get started.

Testing is really nice, you can run all your Actions through JUnit 
without being tied to the Web Container. This speeds development time as 
you don't need to package and deploy every time you make a change and it 
makes debugging much simpler.

And WW2 rocks.



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