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From "Zeswitz, Andrew" <>
Subject Nested iterator and radio button name
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 18:23:59 GMT
I'm having an issue getting radio buttons on a JSP to be named properly
using the iterate tags available in Struts 1.1.  I have a list of
questions; each question has a list of answers.  

The code is [supposed to be] looping through the primary list
(question), writing the pertinent data, performing a secondary loop
through the appropriate answers for that question and writing the
answers in the form of a radio button control.

The radio button naming should be something like the following:
Question[0].answer value="Yes" 
Question[0].answer value="No"

Instead, I'm receiving 
Question[0].answer value="Yes" 
Question[1].answer value="No"

The latter is not valid.

Here's the code.  Any thoughts?

Questions is an Array that is populated in the page context by my
LoadForm action.

            <nested:iterate id="sQuestion"
                 <nested:root name="sQuestion">
                <tr valign="top">
                    <td><%= index.intValue() + 1 %></td>
                    <td><nested:write name="sQuestion"

                        <nested:iterate id="validResponse"
                            <nested:root name="validResponse">
                            <%  //if a long list, display vertically,
otherwise horiz
					  String sepChar =
sQuestion.getValidResponseList().size() > 2)
                                    sepChar = "<br>";
                                <nested:radio name="sQuestion"
indexed="true"/><%=validResponse + sepChar%>


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