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From <>
Subject logic:iterate question
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 19:15:11 GMT
hi all,
	i have a Map-backed action Form which contains an HashMap

the ActionForm is as follows

public MapActionForm extends ActionForm {
	HashMap table = new HashMap();

	public void setValue(String key, String value) {

	public Object getValue(String key) {

      public HashMap getTable() {
		return table;


in one of jsp i have to display a textfield for each key contained in the HashMap.

i have written following code (name of the bean is DisplayKeys)

<logic:iterate id="params" collection="<%= displayKeys.getTable() %>">
                        <td><bean:write name="params"/></td>
                        <td><html:text property="value(<bean:write name="params"/>)"/></td>

but when i get into the page (after populating the bean) i got following exception:

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /callservice.jsp(53,79) equal symbol expected

the hashmap contains parameter names.
in the jps i want to display the name of the parameter (done with bean:write name="params")
and i want to display close to teh name an input text with the name of the parameter..

in the map i have following values

param1, ""
param2, ""

and in the jsp i want to display

param1 : <input type="text" name="param1"/>

anyone can give me some help?


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