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From Mark Lowe <>
Subject Re: generic SQL implementation
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 16:19:35 GMT
I use torque and IMHO  combined with struts , it "slides through the 
molecules of wetness like an eel through sea weed" ..

A chap called Ville who posted this group a few weeks ago sent me some 
notes where he spent a week of so gathering sources of info on how to 
get torque and struts running together (Thanks Ville) . If you want 
them just mail me..

cheers mark

On Monday, July 7, 2003, at 04:08 PM, Vinay wrote:

> Has anybody implemented a generic implementation for querying 
> databases during runtime. I am  using  DAO's for data access layer. 
> But I want to furthur move the database logic to down one more layer 
> of abstraction.I am dealing with different kinds of database (eg. 
> let's say a MySQL, MS Access and another not SQL at all ,index 
> sequential files). I want the DAO to access the database during 
> runtime. So I want my DAO to be independent of the SQL statements.The 
> Database Interfrace would talk to either MySQL,or Oracle or any other 
> database.So that  there is no  need to have  DAO for each database 
> syntax, rather , this should be handled by a API thru an interface.
> Here's and examples
> Let's say for select statement , we supply table name, column names, 
> where cluase , and's etc
> The following method should handle the query
> List getSelect(String tablename, List columnnames, List Orderby,.....) 
> etc {
> return queryresult
> }
> Any ideas appreciated
> Thank you
> Vinay

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