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From "Andrew Hill" <>
Subject RE: Session Question
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2003 08:00:24 GMT
Hmmm. Somebody hasnt been paying attention to the list today... ;-)
Here is what Craig had to say about it just a few hours ago:

<snip src="Craig McClanahan (in response to thread "Single Sign-On over
several Struts-based webapps)">

(Today must be "ask about single sign on" day, since this has already come
up on earlier discussions :-)

Single Sign On support for Struts-based apps is no different than for any
other webapp.  Every J2EE container is required to support single sign on
when you're using container managed security -- consult the documentation
for your server for details of how to set it up.  In the particular case
of Tomcat, see:

and scroll down to "Single Sign On" under "Special Features".

If you're not using container managed security, I'm not sure it's even
possible to implement single sign on without getting on the insides of
your app server's APIs.  Again, you'd have to consult the docs for your
server for details of what's possible.


If you missed the discussions on it you should be able to find them in the

As for sharing data, one approach is to use a database (or app, or EJB
etc...) outside of the individual webapp  that both apps connect to.

-----Original Message-----
From: Kuma Zuki []
Sent: Friday, 4 July 2003 15:52
Subject: Session Question

In one application, basically I can achieved single sign on and passing data
around through the HttpSession object.

How can I achieve the same result among different application(Context).
Correct me from wrong that I think we can't shared session object among
different context. So where can I store the subject and principle and all
those information after the user login, so that another application can
validate the user base on the credential already retrieve? Also what can I
do if I want to share data among different context.

I am using Tomcat and Websphere5.0

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