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From "Andrew Hill" <>
Subject RE: [Q] Struts 1.0 or 1.1 ?
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 07:08:23 GMT
I would imagine that while there may be some performance gain due to code
optimizations and the like the real benefit is in the expanded set of
features (and that really is a big expansion from what I hear (the general
consesus amoung the developers is that 1.1 would be more like 1.8 had they
made regular point releases)) - so by moving to 1.1 you now have more
'power' at your disposal for future changes and additions you need to make
for that app.

For new applications you should use 1.1 as its (finally) the current version
and 1.0.2 is old.
1.1 would of course also fix whatever bugs were in 1.0.2 (not many - and
given the length of time before they finally released 1.1 I would think that
it hasn't introduced any significant new ones either...)

You will probably find that most of the support available on this list is
nowadays geared towards 1.1 as are the available books and such like.
Basically for new apps I can see no point using 1.0.2, while for existing
apps its really a question of do you need it. If you foresee your
application continuing to be developed further or have lots of maintenance
its probably worth the effort to upgrade, whereas if its working fine and
you dont ancipate any major changes then the benefit of an upgrade is of
course significantly reduced.

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From: Riaan Oberholzer []
Sent: Monday, 7 July 2003 14:58
Subject: [Q] Struts 1.0 or 1.1 ?

I have a web-app that uses the basic stuts stuff: form
checking, mappings, etc. No hardcore or advanced
features. It works fine in Struts 1.0.2 and after
upgrading and making the minor tweaks, also on 1.1.

But is it necessary to move up to 1.1? What do I gain?
Is the implementation of the functionality I used also
improved, or does 1.1 only provide new stuff?

Is there a guideline for when I should use which version?

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