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From "Andrew Hill" <>
Subject RE: Request/Response Utils future request
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 09:39:53 GMT
+1 (& crossposting to struts-dev to try and spark some discussion on

Couldn't agree more George.

I too have come across *numerous* situations where I wanted to override and
do things a little bit differently for certain cases. And not just with
Request & Response Utils but also with a lot of the commons stuff like
BeanUtils, PropertyUtils etc....

This is a good example of why its best to use singletons for utility
classes - even if all the methods can be static - as other folk may want to

If you want them to look at it you will need to add it as an enhancement
request in bugzilla:

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Monday, 7 July 2003 17:25
Subject: Request/Response Utils future request

For a future version of Struts, I'd like to request that the Request and
Response Utils be an instantiated object that we can subclass.

One reason is that I'd like to override the 'filter' method of
RequestUtils.  It currently iterates through every character in the string.
I have another 'filter' that I use for i18n purposes (LTR and RTL displays)
that does the same thing, and I don't want to have to iterate through a
string twice!

In addition, the filter seems to be missing a few, such as the british
pound symbol.

Since I currently cannot override this method, I have to choose between
doing the iteration twice or not use the struts jsp tags... ugly choice,




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