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Subject / /OREF:CPTD8951 Using nested:image
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 20:07:22 GMT

Has anyone used nested:image with success?
I want to retrieve an image url stored in a child bean. For each
iteration this image url property wil have a different value.
How would I for example provide the src="url of image"  value for
each iteration?

I must clearly be getting it wrong since the collection is iterated
over to completion when I remove the nested:image tag.
The moment I put it back it blows up the view.

The jsp code is:
<nested:image property="imageUrls.image1" />

I've left out the src attribute 'cos I don't know how to provide it.
image1 is the property containing the url and imageUrls is wrapped in
a cargo object and this cargo object it the top-level element in my

Thanks in advance...

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