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Subject Re: logic:iterate tag fails on large dataset, succeeds on small one?
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 09:47:09 GMT

I am using struts validator in the logon.jsp of my application.  If I don't
enter the username & click on submit the message displayed is "null is
required". Instead it should be "Username is required".
The part of the code in the validator-rules.xml is correct. I have given
Also I have given "errors.required={0} is required."  &
"prompt.username=Username" in the file.
Still it is giving the same alert as "null is required" instead of
"Username" is required.

The corresponding part in the validation.xml is

            <field property="username"
                    depends="required, minlength,maxlength">
                <arg0   key="prompt.username"/>
                <arg1   key="${var:minlength}" name="minlength"
                <arg2   key="${var:maxlength}" name="maxlength"

Has anybody experienced this problem earlier ?


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