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Subject / /OREF:CPT7E658 nested:nest and all things nested...
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 22:04:12 GMT

I have a property on a form bean that stores an object that contains
an array list.
The array list contains a wrapper object that contains 4 other
objects - each of a different type.

I try to access the respective properties of each of the four objects
contained in the wrapper object in the following way:

<nested:nest property="propertyList">
<nested:iterate id="objects" property="cachedProperties" indexId=

                  <TD><TABLE border="0" width="100%" bgcolor="
                                    <TD nowrap width="10%" bgcolor="
#ffffff"><FONT size="1" color="#000000" face="Verdana"><B>
                                    ZAR: <nested:write property=

To be precise:
The propertyList property contains the array list and this array list
is called cachedProperties.

The array list contains PropCargo objects.

Each propCargo object contains a:
      1.  Property object
      2. Features object
      3. Images object
      4. Client object

I want to access properties of these objects in the same
nested:iterate clause by going something like: property
="property.formattedPrice" for example.

Am I doing this correctly or have I missed something?

The HTML table doesn't render.

Tx - help will be greatly appreciated.


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