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From "Yann Cébron" <>
Subject Re: action forward to real jsps under Tiles
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2003 13:17:00 GMT

> I am new to Tiles:
> 1) What are the downsides over writing your own?

You're talking about writing your own Tiles-like implementation ? I guess
there's a lot of downsides to this - else everyone in here wouldn't be using
Struts as his base framework, too - but write his own Webapp framework.
Furthermore you're free to extend Tiles to suit your needs - that's the big
advantage of OpenSource.

> 2) While using the Tiles+Struts, is it possible to put forward an action
> to a real JSP file rather than a Tiles definition? Would it (Tiles
> request processor) know the difference?

Quoted from the JavaDoc:

This processor subclasses the Struts RequestProcessor in order to intercept
calls to forward or include. When such calls are done, the Tiles processor
checks if the specified URI is a definition name. If true, the definition is
retrieved and included. If false, the original URI is included or a forward
is performed.

If you're interested in a very detailed description of the inner workings
and features of Tiles I strongly suggest you to read this PDF written by the
author of Tiles:


> Thanks,
> Erez

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