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From "Yann Cébron" <>
Subject Re: struts-config.xml Validation At Server Startup
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2003 13:27:00 GMT
Hi Alan,

> I was running some tests with my Tomcat server and moved it to a place on
> the network where it was unable to access the internet.  Tomcat started
> fine, but Struts threw an I/O exception on struts-config.xml, even though
> the file was there and was fine.  I think that this I/O exception is due
> Struts attempting to validate the xml against the dtd specified in the
> DOCTYPE header by getting the dtd over the network.  Is this true?

Yes, the default is a validating parser. My guess: the URI of the DTD you
specified in your struts-config.xml doesn't match the URI of the DTD
included in struts.jar (the ActionServlet registers its own copies upon
startup and shouldn't need to access them via internet).

> Is there
> a way to control how Struts validates the file?

You can turn off validation by setting validatin=false in the init-param
section for your ActionServlet in web.xml.


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