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From "ScottC" <>
Subject Radio active? :-)
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 04:09:50 GMT
I'm having trouble figuring out the nested:radio tag and getting the values
set. I have bean that nests a list of three other beans (a Schedule bean
that holds three date beans). Each date has three guys (each with a radio
button next to them), so I have an array that is 3x3. How do I get the
"value" out of the bean to put in the value part of the radio tag? For
example (where [] is the radio button):

7/21/2003 []Jack []Bob   []Phil
7/22/2003 []Jim   []Larry []Harry
7/23/2003 []Paul  []Ken  []John

The nested:radio tag syntax <nested:radio property="guyName" value="?" />
and I don't understand how to pull the guys name out of the bean and get it
in the value parameter. When the form is submitted, I then have to know
which guy was selected. A working code snippet of something you've done like
this would be great.


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