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From "Aaron Humphrey" <>
Subject Re: Ranko like question: What is the sense of some of these tags libs?
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 15:29:35 GMT

> As Ranko asked, about the redundancy of Struts I would like to know that the
> heck is the deal with SOME of these tag libs out there?

> I mean, look at this: <c:if test="${index%2==0}"> and look at this: <%
> if(index.intValue()%2==0){ %>

> I like NOT to use Java scriptlets in my JSPs and I am pretty decent at
> achieving that but if my only resolve of using a "tag" is to have it look like CODE
> and not a true tag why have people (code maintainers and the original coder
> in the first place) learn a new "language" and just use a scriptlet?

As I understand it, JSP tags are intended not for the Java code, but for the
HTML page maintainer.  I'm a crappy HTML designer, and our designer is not
much of a programmer.  But she would have an easier time understanding tags
than scriptlets, and it's better than me having to learn CSS.

Aaron V. Humphrey
Kakari Systems Ltd.

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