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From "Norbert Spemm" <>
Subject RE: html_image property value not submitted
Date Sat, 27 Sep 2003 18:03:54 GMT
Hi Steve,

> The "value" attribute of an HTML 'input type="image"' tag (i.e., what 
> the Struts <html:image> tag is generating) is apparently ignored by 
> all (most?) browsers.  See:

wow, that's pretty lame.

> One solution is to have a hidden variable in your HTML form 
> associated with your form bean (let's use the bean property 
> name "action") and then use JavaScript to set this property 

I'm rigid thinking that no web page really _requires_ JavaScript, not at
least because some clients using my application will not allow active
scripting in their browser. Sites like e. g. (view with
disabled JS) make me feel confirmed.

Isn't it possible to iterate the request parameters if there's one that
has ".x" and ".y" suffix? Since no one really wants to submit values
with a name like this I suggest the struts framework automatically
generates a parameter so the handling in the action is consistent as for
a submit button. Of course there has to be some tag defining the name of
the "action" parameter.

Wouldn't that be nice?

This method work for me:

    String getActionParameter(Map p_Keys)
        String l_Key;
        Iterator l_iKeys = p_Keys.keySet().iterator();

        while (l_iKeys.hasNext())
            l_Key = (String);
            if( l_Key.endsWith(".x") 
             && p_Keys.containsKey(l_Key.substring(0, l_Key.length()-1)
+ "y"))
                return l_Key;
        return null;

To be used in the execute method of the action:

    String l_Action = getActionParameter(p_Request.getParameterMap());

Thanks for help

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