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From "David Erickson" <>
Subject Getting a url inputstream from within an action loses the session?
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 18:58:12 GMT
Hi everyone, I'm doing some xml and xsl transformations within one of my
actions, and the action needs to get an inputstream or some type of reader
on a url for the xml and xsl, however when I request those URLS it goes
through our filter and gets denied because the request is somehow outside of
the session scope of the logged in user!

The code I was using :
SAXSource saxSrc = new SAXSource(new InputSource(myUrl.openStream()));

very simple.. our login management information is stored in the session, but
when this url is requested on our system from within an action that session
information does not propogate to the filter so when the filter checks the
session for a user its not there.  Any ideas?



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