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From <>
Subject Different Workflow for Business Functions
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
I have a question concerning the control of workflow in struts framework:

I'm just writing a large struts application. So I have to reuse some JSP's in different workflows.

That means, I view a JSP called x.jsp one time invoked from a.jsp and one time invoked from
Based on the calling JSP (a.jsp or b.jsp) I have to build an appropriate navigation bar in
x.jsp to go back 
to the previous point of view. Furthermore, it should be possible, to navigate from x.jsp
to c.jsp and then back
to x.jsp and back to a.jsp or b.jsp depending on starting point.

a.jsp -> x.jsp -> c.jsp 
a.jsp <- x.jsp <- c.jsp
(navigation from x.jsp to b.jsp is not allowed)

b.jsp -> x.jsp -> c.jsp 
b.jsp <- x.jsp <- c.jsp 
(navigation from x.jsp to a.jsp is not allowed)

e.jsp -> x.jsp -> c.jsp
e.jsp <- x.jsp <- c.jsp 
(navigation from x.jsp to a.jsp or b.jsp is not allowed)

In this small example, the ploblem I have concerns the navigation bar in x.jsp especially
invoked from c.jsp. 

Are there any features in Struts to support such workflow for jsp's and actions. 
May be things like 'Business Function Context' ?

Thanks for helping!

Günter Plattner
Nagillergasse 70
6020 Innsbruck

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