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From Nick Heudecker <>
Subject Adding supported types to DynaForms
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 05:03:05 GMT

I've read in the docs that DynaForms only support the folloing types:

# java.lang.BigDecimal
# java.lang.BigInteger
# boolean and java.lang.Boolean
# byte and java.lang.Byte
# char and java.lang.Character
# java.lang.Class
# double and java.lang.Double
# float and java.lang.Float
# int and java.lang.Integer
# long and java.lang.Long
# short and java.lang.Short
# java.lang.String
# java.sql.Date
# java.sql.Time
# java.sql.Timestamp

I would like to add my own type to this, basically a key/value pair
object like the LabelValueBean in the Struts source.  My question is:
What do I need to do to add an additional supported type to DynaForms?

Nick Heudecker
SystemMobile, Inc.

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