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From Christian Bollmeyer <>
Subject Re: Reasons for using Struts
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2003 12:02:18 GMT
Am Samstag, 27. September 2003 06:53 schrieb Martin Gainty:

To sum it up in short, as this issue has already been
dicussed numerous times, and considering you've already
been given the appropriate links: the actual question would
be whether to use an MVC approach or not. So it's about
architecture, not implementation. And then, it makes very
much sense to use the MVC design pattern for your web
applications. It's not necessary to use Struts in particular,
you could also use another framework or code your own.
Struts itself uses an action-driven approach and is closely
tied to the request-response model of HTTP. Other solutions,
like Jakarta Tapestry or Apple WebObjects, for example,
are event-driven and emphasize more on (abstract) OO
design concepts. As always, both approaches have certain
advantages and disadvantages. It's a matter of choice how
to deal best with the web tier, after all, and note that the
problem domain is limited to that issue in all cases.
Then, if you think the action approach is the better
solution for your everyday work (which most developers
I know of do, too), it would be really hard to code
something as powerful and flexible as Struts on
your own. In theory, you could roll your own web
framework, of course, using plain JSPs and Servlets,
if you like, but the real question behind all this is
primarily an architectural decision. It would be
quite hard to come up with something better than
the MVC2 idiom or 'beat' the now time-tested
and widely accepted Struts framework in this

-- Chris
> What are the reasons for using Struts?
> That is what are the Reasons for which Struts would be a more
> suitable choice than say plain JSP/Servlet?
> Thanks,
> Martin

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