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From Stefan Frank <>
Subject Re: Invalid Class file Format
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 06:43:55 GMT
Hi Christian,

found the reason: tools.jar was a good hint and setting the jvm to 
verbose showed, that bea forks a new process for the jsp-compile: 
Unfortunately, there is an older jvm running on the same box, which 
results in the JAVA_HOME being set to a jdk1.1: ergo, the 45 is correct. 
Pointing the JAVA_HOME to the right jdk fixed this (and also 
significantly speeds up the page-compile) .

Uhh, that Oracle-Story really sounds like great fun :) At least, we can 
all be very grateful, that Oracle dumped its own App-Server, Orion was 
aat least a good thing to start with (I wonder how much time it will 
take Oracle to screw this one up, too) - BTW: how does 10g feel?! 
Compared to eclipse and/or IntellliJ?! From the Product-Description, I'm 
really thinking about giving it a try...  Maybe I'm a little prejudiced 
about Oracle, but the only really good thing that ever came from Oracle 
is the Database (and I'm very curious what they exactly mean with the 

cheers&many thanks for the help
Christian Bollmeyer wrote:

>Am Montag, 15. September 2003 17:03 schrieb Stefan Frank:
>>Hi Christian,
>Hi Stefan,
>>no, unfortunately not:
>>System.getProperty("java.version"): 1.3.1
>>System.getProperty("java.vendor"): Sun Microsystems Inc.
>Now this is interesting. Still, obviously the JSP compiler
>can't cope with Platform 2 files, though. I don't know anything
>about the BEA server, but I remember having a similar
>problem when upgrading the Oracle iAS to JDK 1.4 (with
>class file versions of 48.0 instead of 46). Finally, the culprit
>proved to be tools.jar shipped with the default installation
>which was a 1.3 version. The solution was to replace the
>tools.jar shipped with iAS 9i with the one from the JDK
>we used for development (Sun 1.4.1_02). Then, it might
>well be that the BEA server get ships with the correct
>tools.jar already, but the class loader instantiates a
>different version first, so I'd check the CLASSPATH, too.
>It *might* be that an 'old' implementation of the JSP
>compiler classes get loaded first. 
>>I'm currently trying to find out if bea somehow tweaked the "magic" -
>>has anybody gotten struts 1.1 to run on weblogic 6.1 on solaris?
>>(Solaris is important, as 1.1 runs on the windows-box without
>>complaining. Looks like solaris has a different "magic"...)
>Though I have only limited experiences with Solaris, that's
>still a Sun OS and should adhere the standards even better
>than others in case of doubt. BTW, the aforementioned
>iAS installation runs under Linux, so it's not really too
>far from the spot.
>BTW - want to know I found it all out? Well, finally I
>remembered that Oracle had bought the iAS sources
>from Orion (after their first attempt in this direction had
>failed) just some time ago. So I downloaded the Orion
>server to see if it behaved likewise, as this problem
>nearly drove me mad. Then, in the Orion docs, right
>from the beginning they almost insisted on copying
>tools.jar from the JDK to its proper place (/lib or
>something). And: alas, it worked perfectly. Finally,
>the same recipe was applied to iAS and showed
>equal results. And: when it comes to Oracle, consulting
>their OTN site is no really good idea if searching 
>for something, not even to speak of a solution. Well,
>Ifinally did so anyway, but my expectations were
>not disappointed, again. Just to show the level
>of despair I had finally reached.
>Cheers, and HTH,
>-- Chris (SCPJ2)
>developing his private things for Struts 1.1 with
>JDeveloper 10g now.; under SuSE Linux 8.2 and
>JDK 1.4.2, which is against all official rules (the
>single supported OS is Windows 2000 |  XP
>and JDK 1.4.1), but up to now, it works just
>fine anyway ;-)
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