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From Mark Lowe <>
Subject [ot] dhtml question was - Re: footer problem
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 10:43:22 GMT
Last time i messed with dhtml, using with:100% didn't work on 
everything. and inline css was also a bit ropey..

You'll need to detect screen width and height, and dynamically set the 
width, position and height.

This has nothing to do with tiles or struts really, so either you 
thought you'd get lucky on this list or you have trouble separating the 
concepts of dhtml and server side stuff.

Here are some clues..

<div id="footer">
footer {
//dom supporting browsers
//ns4 : i wouldn't bother
function positionFooter() {
	footer = ..; //depends on browser
	winWidth = window.width ; //probably wrong i dont recall which one 
does what
	winHeight = .. // likewise
	height =;
	width = winWidth;
	left = "0";
	top = winHeight - height;
To be honest , judging by your question I'd stay well away. DHTML is a 
guaranteed way of giving you a very long headache. And writing DHTML 
ends up being for other frontend developers rather than end users. 
DHTML is good but only when you know the stuff inside out and have 
resource to dedicate to this separate line of development. If your site 
works 'as' is you can layer the dhtml on by not using inline styles, 
and allowing no js/css browsers to fail gracefully.

Cheers Mark

On Tuesday, September 16, 2003, at 11:57 AM, Coolyogs wrote:

> Hi All
> I have a problem with footer.
> I am inserting footer in tiles-def
> I want to keep the footer in absolute position when there is no data
> in the page
> and when there is some data exceeds the absolute position the the
> footer should float.
> please help me....
> <div style="position: absolute; width:100%; height:15; top: 540;
> left:20 " >
> in the above case it will be overlapped if contents exceeds absolute
> position
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