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From "John Habbouche" <>
Subject How to restore user selections when returning to a JSP?
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2003 21:57:22 GMT
I an using Struts 1.1 with JSTL to write some JSP pages. I have a page where
the user upon selecting a company name from pull down menu displays a list
of Company Users for that specific company.  The end user then has the
option to perform actions on those users such as editing/deleting or
creating a user.  Let's take the example of editing a user profile.

	1) When the list of users isdisplayed, the end user selects a user to edit
by clicking on it.
	2) The end user is then shown a new page which allows him/her to edit user
information such as name address, etc...
	3) Upon clicking on 'Save', the user is presented with a confirmation page
informing him/her that the user has been saved.
	4) After the user clicks OK, the end user is directed back to the list of
Company users

I would like at that point to restore the company selection that the end
user had initially made.  Short of storing that info in Session or pass it
around on the Request (a pain if your process spans mutiple pages), is there
anything within the struts framework that would allow me to do that?

Any help would be most appreciated.

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