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From Mark Lowe <>
Subject Re: <html:options> tag problem
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2003 10:44:53 GMT
So your end user has to select 1 of 1800 options 8 times on one page?

I've never had trouble with options but then again i've never smoked 
enough crack to think select menus with 1800 options would be a good 

As a test you could use model 1 jsp or/and jstl to compare.,

<c:forEach var="item" items="myList">
	<html-el:option value="${item.value}">
	<c:out value="${}" />

I wouldn't be surprised if you container bails like this also, cant you 
add another step to reduce the list like an alphabet menu of something? 
Have another drop down with a-z and regenerate the menu when the user 
selects a letter.

Cheers Mark

On 17 Nov 2003, at 10:04, SasiDharma Tharmarajah wrote:

> Hi gurus.
> How does the <html:options> tag works???.
> say you are using <html:options> tag several times in a page.
> when will the html:options tag flush out the objects to the jsp page.
> I'm asking this is beacuse in our JSP page we are using <html:options> 
> tag 8 times.for each iteration it has to load around 1800 object from 
> arrayList.
> When it comes to fourth <html:options> tag weblogic server throws 
> OutOfMemory error. It seems that after all the iterations are done 
> then only all objects are flushed to da page.
> just wanted to know whether it is caused by the implementation of 
> html:options tag.
> any idea of how to solve this problem???
> Thanks in advance
> r
> sasi
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