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From John Bunker <>
Subject Problems with modules and message resources
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 13:00:47 GMT
I have an application that has used <bean:message> for quite some time. I have
had multiple struts-config files and each one defined message-resources that it
needed. This all worked correctly

I just changed my application to use Struts Modules. I confirmed that I have
everything working correctly with tiles and my navigation, but when I use a
bean:message tag that references a message-resource definition in one of the
module config-files, I get an error stating that 

Cannot find message resources under key managementMessages

Where managementMessages is the name of the key in the <message-resources>

The page being rendered is in the same Struts Module that the
<message-resource> being requested is defined

If the <bean:message> tag references a <message-resources> in the default
module, then it works correctly

Anyone come across this before? I am ready to ditch modules if I cannot get
this working.


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