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From "maziz_ca" <>
Subject ModuleConfig Question
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 14:47:00 GMT
Hello all,

I have been asked to create an Action that would dynamically modify 
struts-config.xml and ModuleConfig in order to avoid restarting the 
app server to read the new struts.config.xml. I did some research and 
looking at the code in the ModuleConfig implementation, it always 
checks the value of the "configured" flag, if it is set to true, no 
modification is allowed. My first question: is what I am trying to do 
possible?? if the answer is yes, how would I go about accomplishing 

Here are my thoughts. First, I have to create my own implementation 
of ModuleConfig that allows modification after the initial setup. 
Next, I have to let struts use that implementation. That can probably 
be done by using the ModuleConfigFactory class. However, how do I 
make struts pass my class instead ofthe default implementation to the 
Factory?? I came across a message that mentioned something about 
adding a parameter to web.xml which specifies the implementation 
class for ModuleConfig but that is not in the current release.

Any help/advice/insight into this will be greatly appreciated.


- Marwan

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