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From "Shantanu Deo" <>
Subject Using Input Button inside a Iterate Tag
Date Sat, 06 Dec 2003 17:42:42 GMT
What is the mechanics of using the Input button inside of the Iterate tag.

I have my JSP as

<html:form action="/action/">
       <th>First Name</th>
       <th>Last Name</th>
       <th>Telephone Count</th>
 <logic:iterate name="employeeList" id="employee" indexId="empNumber"
     <TD><bean:write name="empNumber"/></TD>
     <TD><bean:write name="employee" property="fname"/></TD>
     <TD><bean:write name="employee" property="lname"/></TD>
     <TD><bean:write name="employee" property="telephoneNumberCount"/></TD>
     <TD><bean:write name="employee" property="fullAddress"/></TD>
          <html:image page="/images/Delete_Button.gif"
property="employee_delete"  indexed="true" />
          <html:image page="/images/Update_Button.gif"
property="employee_update" indexed="true" />
<html:submit value="Create Employee" property="theAction"/>

What should my corresponding code in Action be to recognize which of the
delete/update buttons are clicked.

Thanks in advance

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