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From Nadeem Bitar <>
Subject Re: Reducing JSP Testing Time
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2003 23:53:27 GMT

You can improve greatly the development/testing cycle by doing the
1. Use ant for your build.
2. Precompile your jsp before viewing them.
3. Develop inside an unpacked war.
4. Use xdoclet 
5. Use testing tools such as, and testing
frameworks such as and

On 日, 2003-12-28 at 12:39, wrote: 
> Hello,
> Ive been using Struts for a little one now. My views consist of traditional 
> JSP code.
> Note: My question is about the web page development cycle and relates to JSP 
> rather than Struts itself. Since lots of you guys are coding JSP, Im still 
> wanna raise the issue described below in this mailing list.
> Im using Eclipse for coding JSPs (I mean here HTML pages that include JSP 
> tags, no tag libraries). In order to test the visual aspects of my JSPs, I 
> then build a war archive and deploy it to my web container. Nothing original 
> here.
> Since HTML pages that include JSP tags are VERY long to open through the 
> browser on the first request (because of initial JSP compilation I guess), the 
> testing time is rather long. And I really get fed up with this now.
> Therefore Im wondering f there is a ** magic ** tool that would allow me to 
> code a web page that includes JSP tags in a VISUAL environment (like MS 
> FrontPage does for HTML for instance). The idea here would be to be able to 
> include JSP tags in a VISUAL manner (such as a <html:text> for instance) in 
> order to actually seeA CODING TIME the result on the screen BEFORE actual 
> deployment in the container.
> Does such a tool exist ?
> Do you have any recommendation for reducing this testing time for Web pages 
> that include JSP tags ?
> Fred
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