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From Joe Hertz <>
Subject Annoying Validation issue
Date Fri, 26 Dec 2003 06:14:37 GMT
I am passing in an object my JSP page needs in with request scope. Works fine.

I'm also using the Validator, which also, individually, works fine.

They however, fight with eachother. Here's how:

When you use the validator and put a depends=required on a form's select box, 
the check isn't caught by the generated javascript. It's caught in the 
validator's back end logic.

This would be fine except that said back end logic has no way to know my JSP 
page needs some things passed in on the request. I'd like to keep it out of 
the httpSession if at all possible.

Is there a place to tell the validator what it needs to do to generate data 
the page needs before it tries to send the user back there??



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