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From BaTien Duong <>
Subject Re: Flash Flex w/ Struts article
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 17:42:27 GMT
Vic Cekvenich wrote:

> Is this for real? YES!
> Point of Struts is MVC, so some people do JSP, Velocity... other do 
> Hibrenate or iBatis... one thing remains.
> (note how they did not support Spring, or WebWork or XYZ).
> Flex is XML like, used to be Royale ( and my guess the product that 
> resulted when MacroMedia rummored to break of from JSF).

Yes. This is what I am looking at Struts 2 of request/response framework 
(struts-chain): in the article example of registration service, we will 
probably have something like this:

Registration request -> RequestProcessor -> RegistrationService -> 
RegistrationAction  -> blah blah blah -> ResponseProcessor -> Selected 
Presentation engine -> user response

RegistrationService can use RegistrationForm, Validation, etc. There can 
be different presentation engines: JSP, JSF, Xform, WML. etc.

This makes open sources very interesting place to work.


> (This is diffrent than PetStore , I 
> also realy like the Components from Flash Pro 2004 such as Tree, Grid, 
> Calendar that bind to any SOAP like source)
> If you want Rich UI that runs on Linux, OSX, PocketPC, Windoze and of 
> loads UI rendering to each client thus giving scalability!
> If you are bidding projects, and your bid shows clients the richer UI, 
> guess who wins the gig?
> And it's Struts, something you know.
> .V
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