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From shahfazal <>
Subject checkbox value from getter in collection of value object
Date Fri, 26 Dec 2003 21:07:15 GMT
Hi all
i already posted twice about this but i guess my email program had trouble 
formatting my mail or somethign but anyway long thing short i have a 
collection of ApplicationVO value objects, i need to display them in rows 
on a jsp. so i iterate thru the collection of the value objects, and at the 
beginning of the row i need a check box with a value of one of the 
properties of the value object how do i go about it? i know the multibox 
can do this but i'm having trouble binding the property to the value of 
this multibox .. can anyone help me?

my code :

<logic:iterate id="appList" name="incompleteFolderForm" 
         <html:multibox property=???>???</html:multibox> <!-- i need the 
checkbox to have the value of the 'applicantId' getter property of my value 
         <bean:write name="appList" property="firstName"/>
         <bean:write name="appList" property="lastName"/>

can anyone help me?? i'm kinda desperate to find a solution ...would be 
really great if anyone could help me out


Shahfazal Mohammed
Research A$$i$tant
Center for Business and Information Technologies
337.482.0626 work
337.322.1946 cell
337.233.1092 home 

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