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From Mark Lowe <>
Subject Re: Newbie: java.lang.boolean and DynaActionForm?
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 15:33:59 GMT
No one's suggesting that anyone hangs them selves or that struts isn't 
good. But the fact that this list sees a high influx of newbies, 
getting battered with high-brow design concepts which while are very 
interesting have a certain chocolate fire guard quality to them .

Easiest thing is to make all the form properties strings, or like has 
been suggested, non primitives. It was certainly the case a few months 
ago that to use dynaaction forms then it was just less bother to use 

Sure nesting model objects in action forms does take the piss a bit, 
but its nothing that cant be sorted when clients/non tech bosses have 
stopped wetting themselves about image swaps..

Cheers Mark

On 17 Dec 2003, at 15:27, Robert Taylor wrote:

> To address the "fundemental" question, it is considered a "best 
> practice"
> to only use String or Boolean objects or collections of String and/or
> Boolean objects or collection of
> data structures which contain String and/or Boolean objects in your 
> forms.
> This is because it gives you
> more control over validation. This doesn't mean that DynaActionForms or
> any DynaXXXXForm for that matter doesn't support non-string types. It
> supports
> any Object because essentially the DynaXXXForms internal data 
> structure is a
> Map.
> In general the Struts form should be a ValueObject passing immutable 
> data
> from the input
> to be processed or passing immutable data to the output to be rendered.
> The great thing about Struts is that it gives you more than enough 
> "rope" to
> use wisely or hang yourself :)
> robert
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Engbers, ir. J.B.O.M. []
>> Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 9:24 AM
>> To: ''
>> Subject: Newbie: java.lang.boolean and DynaActionForm?
>> Hi,
>> Both 'Struts in Action' and 'Programming Jakarta Struts' state that
>> ActionForms and DynaActionForms are nearly equivalent and the
>> main advantage
>> of using DynaActionForms is that you don't have to declare all the 
>> getters
>> and setters.
>> In DynaAction Forms each property can be of a (array of a)
>> primitive types.
>> Thanks to Pedro Salgado and Martin Gainty (see "Retrieving boolean
>> properties from a DynaActionForm" on december 16), I partially
>> succeeded in
>> solving the first problem which only confronted me with the next
>> problem :-(
>> And while looking for a solution to that problem, I found a bugreport
>> (23355) in which Craig states that
>> 'Adding these (getInteger, getBoolean etc, Ben) would encourage a 
>> behavior
>> that Struts discourages -- using
>> non-String data types in a form bean.'
>> Maybe that this explains why I have only found examples that use
>> String-properties (which lead me to my first question: where can I 
>> find
>> examples that use non_string properties?) but it leaves me with the 
>> more
>> fundamental question:
>> Why do DynaActionForms offer the possibility to declare non-String
>> properties without supporting them?
>> Should I avoid using DynaActionForms at all and use the 
>> DynaValidatorForm?
>> Ben Engbers
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