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From Mark Lowe <>
Subject Re: tiles, conditional choice of
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2003 23:21:52 GMT

You could over load on the insert

<tiles:insert attribute="">
	<tiles:put name="body" value="<%= body %>" />

or do it a specialized action. There are plenty of options although I 
have trouble thinking of many scenarios where having 1000 different 
definitions would be required.

In such a case having an action that mediated in the tile selection i 
guess could be one means of doing what i think you're saying.

In the above case for example you could have your action add a request 
attribute called body or even have an action that extends TileAction 
and mess with whatever you like.

On 27 Dec 2003, at 20:55, Brady Hegberg wrote:

> Of course!  I just need to forward to the def that corresponds to the
> user's settings.  Very simple and elegant.
> However, theoretically, what if I had three tiles in a definition, each
> of which could get any one of the same 10 different values.  In that
> case I'd need to create 1000 definitions in my tile-defs.  Is there a
> simple way around that?
>> There are a number of options available here, i'd have a different def
>> that extends showList , I'd call this base.list and then have 
>> different
>> defs per list.
>> name="user.list" extends="base.list"
>> in fact i assumed you'd only have to over load body, you could even
>> have a def as the value of body.
>> On 27 Dec 2003, at 06:12, Brady Hegberg wrote:
>>> I've been trying to find the best way to handle a situation where you
>>> have various formats for a tile and the tile appearance is chosen at
>>> run-time.
>>> <definition name="showList" extends="mainLayout">
>>>   <put name="header" value="/header.jsp"/>
>>>   <put name="body" value="/????"/>
>>>   <put name="footer" value="/footer.jsp"/>
>>> </definition>
>>> And I have content1.jsp, content2.jsp and content3.jsp which can be
>>> loaded into the page
>>> Should I:
>>> 1.  Have a single tile with choose statements to determine the 
>>> format.
>>> 2.  Have a single master tile which chooses between various tiles and
>>> loads the selected one?  (If possible?)
>>> 3.  Have a ClassController or TilesAction class which changes the 
>>> tile
>>> object and loads the chosen tile into the tile object before 
>>> displaying
>>> it.  (If so how is this done?  Any examples available?)
>>> I found a couple similar references in the archives but no definitive
>>> answer.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Brady
>>> PS:  It would be cool if you could create an action for a tile and 
>>> then
>>> do an actionForward which returns the chosen tile into the correct 
>>> spot
>>> on the calling page but I don't believe this is possible.  At least
>>> I've
>>> never seen anything that indicated it could be done.
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