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From "Mainguy, Mike" <>
Subject RE: Checkboxes with session-scoped DynaActionForms
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 21:55:03 GMT
I think there is a common misconception that if you use DynaActionForms you
don't need to write an ActionForm AT ALL.  While this is true, you may also
subclass the DynaForm and provide a similar level of functionality as a
normal form.

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From: Sgarlata Matt [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 4:47 PM
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: Checkboxes with session-scoped DynaActionForms

Wendy & Barrett - Thanks for your help!  Both of your answers helped me fix
the problem I was having with checkboxes and session-scoped DynaActionForms.

Wendy - I feel like the reset method of the DynaActionForm should be able to
automatically take care of checkboxes, perhaps with a little extra help like
specifying clearOnReset="true" or isCheckbox="true" in the <set-property>
element for the property, but oh well... I'm not going to push it on the dev

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From: "Wendy Smoak" <>
To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 3:03 PM
Subject: RE: Checkboxes with session-scoped DynaActionForms

> From: Sgarlata Matt []
> Also, It looks like I am going to have to subclass DynaActionForm or 
> DynaValidatorForm so that I can reset the checkboxes in the reset() 
> method of the form bean. That seems like quite a pain (kind of
> defeats the purpose of Dyna forms, doesn't it?).

"Dyna" forms merely free you of the need to write all those get/set methods.
Defining the properties in struts-config.xml does not mean you can't or
shouldn't override the 'reset' and/or 'validate' methods.

Wendy Smoak
Application Systems Analyst, Sr.
ASU IA Information Resources Management

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