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From "Zsolt Koppany" <>
Subject What is wrong with this upload filename (UTF-8) decoding?
Date Fri, 26 Dec 2003 10:44:48 GMT

my application has to support UTF-8 including when files are uploaded with
UTF-8 characters in the filename (for example: ??????????????.txt).

I use a servlet filter that always call
request.setCharacterEncoding("UTF-8") and my jsp pages contain
response.setContentType("text/html; charset=UTF-8");

Everything works fine except that I have problems with decoding of the name
of uploaded filenames.

I use the code below to get the name of the uploaded filename:

String nm = formFile.getFileName();
String filename = new String(nm.getBytes(), "UTF-8");

The code above converts only the first couple of characters correctly
(result: ??????????????????????.txt).

Any ideas how to fix the problem?

I use TC-4.1.29, Struts-1.1, jdk1.4.2_02 Windows-XP.


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