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From "Paul-J Woodward" <>
Subject Dynamic form property names
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2003 19:55:15 GMT
Dear All,

I have been struggling with this all day, It'll take a bit of background to explain what I
am trying to do:

I am creating an online wizard to populate templatised web pages, and hence create a dynamic
struts/tiles-based site.

Each template has various containers for content, each container can be filled by a set of
different tiles. The templates are defined in a database. The definition for a template associates
each container with the category of tile that it can hold, for instance a template may have
containers for navigation and menu tiles. The database also contains a list of tiles that
fit into each category of container.

I would like to create a single form that lists the categories, that has radio button for
every tile in each category.
My code looks like this:

      <logic:iterate id="elementCategory" name="selectedTemplate" property="elementCategories"
            <b><bean:write name="elementCategory" property="category" /></b>
            <bean:write name="elementCategory" property="description" />
            Compatible elements in this category:<br>
            <logic:iterate id="compatibleElement" name="elementCategory" property="compatibleElements"

                  <html:radio property="value(<%= elementCategory.getName() %>)"
idName="compatibleElement" value="name" >

                  <b><bean:write name="compatibleElement" property="name" /></b><br>
                  <bean:write name="compatibleElement" property="description" />

The issue is this:
I need to make the action form map-backed (I think) because the number of radio buttons is
only know at runtime, but I can't find any way to name the radio buttons by the name of the
category that is being selected. What I would like to use is value(<%= elementCategory.getName()
%>) where my action form has a map and a setValue(String key, Object object) function.

Thanks in advance, Paul


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