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From "...." <>
Subject Re: Performance Issue
Date Fri, 26 Dec 2003 11:36:43 GMT
And what DAO are you using?
The slowest and most buggy part of J2EE is Data Access.

I use OpenSta for testing!
Once you have a DAO, do showplan on your SQL.

But my guess is as soon as you pick a DAO you'll be fine.


(did I ever happen to say on this list that iBatis DAO has built in 
auto-cache, auto-flush, and has a great Tutorial by Rick Reuman and a 
great example PetStore 3? iBatis is *VERY* easy, you should be able to 
write 30 querries quick like. See when you use Struts, you should use 
DAO, else use Servlets w/JDBC if you do not use a framework.
Note to self: write a Wiki FAQ)

Raman wrote:
> Our site is facing a performace issue we need to track what are the bottle necks in this.
> We are Using
> 1. Tomcat 4.1
> 2. Post Gre Sql 7.1
> 3. Struts 1.1
> 4. Red hat Linux
> Our pages required quite good number of results from database. you can say we fire around
20-30 queries to create dynamic left Nav, Right nav , Center content etc. we are using Custom
Tags for this.
> What we have done so far:
> 1. Checked all the Data Access files for connection/recorset close.
> We need to know some tools or some way from where we can get to the bottle neck of the
> Thanks
> Raman Garg

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