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From Aidan O'Loan <>
Subject Dealing with submodules in a Tiles application - 2 issues
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 01:37:09 GMT
I'm migrating an application to Tiles. In my main struts-config.xml, I 
have the following forward defined to switch into a submodule:

<forward name="toNewsManager" contextRelative="true" 
path="/newsmanager/" redirect="true" />

This Forward is referenced in a menu.jsp tile which is recreated in ALL 
submodule tiles layouts. It works fine when I am working within the 
default module, but when I enter a submodule, and the menu.jsp tile is 
recreated, I get the following error:

[ServletException in:/menu.jsp] Cannot create rewrite URL: Cannot retrieve ActionForward named 

So I understand that this is because the Servlet is looking in my 
submodule Struts configuration file for the Forward, when in fact it is 
declared in the main struts-config.xml file. So what's the solution? Do I 
have to recreate all the relevant forwards in every submodule's Struts 
configuration files?

Another issue I have is with <a href=""> links in submodule 
JSP's - for example:

<a href='/<bean:write name="document" 
property="document_id"/>' title="View">View</a>

These links have stopped working since I have migrated to tiles. Do I now 
need to hard-code the submodule so that the link now looks like:

<a href='/MYSUBMODULE/<bean:write 
name="document" property="document_id"/>' title="View">View</a>

or is there another solution?

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