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From "Derek Colley" <>
Subject <logic:iterate> ... <logic:equal> question?
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 15:49:18 GMT
Apologies for this newbie question...

I have 2 selections: Country and City 
I have 2 collections in session (CityList contains a reference to Country)
I don't want the user to select a City before selecting a Country and I want
to display a list of Cities that relate to the selected Country...

Can anyone please help with this code:

      <html:select property="country"
        <html:option value="">Select a country...</html:option>
        <html:options collection="CountryList" property="country"
labelProperty="description" />
      <font color="red"><html:errors property="country" /></font>
      <html:select property="city">
        <html:option value="">Select a city...</html:option>
        <logic:iterate id="City" name="CityList" property="list"
          <logic:equal name="City" property="country" value="">
!!! This is where I'm stumped. How do I get the comparison to work between 2
            <html:option name="City" property="city"
labelProperty="description" />
          </logic:equals >

      <font color="red"><html:errors property="city" /></font>

Any help much appreciated!

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