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From "Alvaro Martinez" <>
Subject Re: repost: validator & retrieving data
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 15:56:11 GMT
I don't know if the proposal of Anant works. I know my proposal works well.
You must use the same bean in the page "proccess" and the page "prepare".
For e.g.
  <action path="/prepare"
   <forward name="success" path="Process.jsp"/>
  <action path="/process"
   <forward name="success" path="Main.jsp"/>

Alvaro Martinez

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From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2004 3:52 PM
Subject: RE: repost: validator & retrieving data

Sorry there was a typo in last one


You don't need to have two actions but you can have different mappings
for the same action class

For e.g.
<action name="formbean" path="abcdisplay" type="" >
<forward name="success" path="jsp name" />
<action name="formbean"  path="abcProcess" type=""
validate="true" input="abcErrorShow">
<forward name="success" path="results jsp" />
<action name="formbean" path="abcErrorShow" type="">
<forward name="success" path="jsp name" />

Now in the action class use

Get data from backend
Else if(mapping.getPath().equals(abcProcess)){
Process data from backend
Else if(mapping.getPath().equals(abcErrorShow)){
Populate data from form bean itself



-----Original Message-----
From: Leonardo Francalanci []
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2004 5:44 PM
Subject: repost: validator & retrieving data

I'm sorry but nobody answered my question...
Could somebody help me?

I'm using validator for my pages. Searching the mailing list I found
that I should use 2 actions:

"If there are 2 actions, one to "prepare" the page and one to "process"
the user input, we define the input attribute value of the "process"
action mapping to be the URL of the "prepare" action."

I think it's right, but now I have this problem:
The "prepare" page retrieves data from the db. If validation fails, the
user is forwarded from the "process" action to the "prepare" action. In
this case I don't want to retrieve data from the db, but leave what
the user entered before. In other words I want to retrieve data only if
the user asked for the "prepare" action, not when he is redirected to
the "prepare" action from the input property of "process" action.

Is there a way to do that?

The only way i found is an hidden field, but I don't like it...

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