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From exnihilo <>
Subject non-default init-params and default ActionServlet
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 20:02:46 GMT

I have 2 init-params that I need to do pass into my struts app (that are
only used in a listener that gets called upon webapp startup and
shutdown). I did the obvious and included them in the web.xml, but it
seems that the default ActionServlet does not pick up any other
init-params than the ones it expects (if I read the javadocs correctly),
and that I need to subclass ActionServlet if I want to use other
init-params than the default ones.

Are there other options? It seems like overkill in this case, because
the default ActionServlet is totally sufficient for my needs in all
other regards. There is a probably a much better solution that I am not

Any ideas or pointers to more info?



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