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From Mike Millson <>
Subject Bug in Validator javascript, not showing all errors?
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 18:57:40 GMT
I have a form with 1 text field and 1 password field:
username: required and maxlength 10
password: required

The return statement for the validateLoginForm function generated in the
dynamic javascript:

return validateMaxLength(form) && validateRequired(form); 

If I enter a username that is too long, validateMaxLength returns false, so validateRequired
is never evaluated. The result is that only the error about username being too long is displayed,
even if password is empty.

This is not how it works on the server side. If I disable javascript and submit, the server
side displays both errors: username too long and password required.

Is this a bug? Why aren't the client side and server side validation
results equal?

Thank you,

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