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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: multi application config
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 22:25:18 GMT
Quoting David Evans <>:

> Hello,
> I am getting ready to create our companies intranet, which will contain
> many different applications: a time tracker, a task manager, a
> directory, etc. I will be using struts for the applications. There will
> be a filter for authentication and a default application which will
> display a menu that sends the authenticated user to the selected
> application. I am trying to decide whether to build the applications in
> a single context running struts as a multi module application or to
> configure tomcat with multiple contexts and have struts run one app per
> context. Does anyone have any advice or can anyone point to
> documentation regarding the pros and cons of each approach?

There are several considerations and no one always-right answer, but here's a
couple of things that tend to push you one way or the other very quickly.

* Do you want users to be able to sign on once
  and then access all the apps they have access
  to, or is it acceptable to require login for
  each app individually?  If you're using container
  managed security, most containers (including
  Tomcat) have some sort of "single sign on"
  feature for this purpose.  With roll-your-own
  security, it might or might not be that easy.

* Do you need HttpSession state to be shared across
  all of your applications?  If so, you should
  probably put everything in one webapp.  With
  multiple webapps, your users will have a session
  in each of them, all totally independent.

* When upgrading your apps, is it acceptable to
  take them all down at once, or do you only want
  to impact the individual apps that are being
  updated?  For most company intranets, there is
  likely to be slack time where this won't matter,
  but it could be an issue for 24x7 shops.

* Is the overall size of the apps so big, and worked
  on by so many people, that it gets difficult to manage
  a single webapp configuration (and struts configuration)?
  Individual smaller Struts based apps are likely to be
  easier to deal with, but you can accomplish a lot of
  the same ease of use with Struts modules.

In fact, with a little forethought, you could probably write all your apps as
independent modules, and then try it either way, with relatively little pain.


> thanks
> dave
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