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From Christian Bollmeyer <>
Subject Re: Analysis and Design using RUP/UML for Struts/HTML/Java Script application
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 20:42:14 GMT
On Thursday 19 February 2004 15:17, Sreenivasa Chadalavada wrote:
> All,


> We will be working on a big project that uses Struts/HTML/Java Script
> as the front end.

Same business as usual.

> We use Rational Rose to support analysis and design activities.

ArcStyler, among other tools. Including Notepad | Kate.

> From your experience (using Struts) what artifacts/deliverables can
> be used to document
> the Presentation Tier? How do we depict the design in Struts? Are
> there any tools that help
> design the system?

Well, I was taught applying UML by drawing hand-drawn sketches
with a pencil. Considering tools, there's an abundance of them
around, some better-suited, some not. Personally, I don't like
Rose that much, it's too cluttered for me, and I can always tell
a typical C++ program at first sight. Well, RR is still the leading
tool in this direction, so forget about my personal tastes.

Considering Struts: Struts implements several design patterns
you may easily 'depict' in any tool. Starting from the 'overall'
MVC2 idiom (technically, that's not a Pattern), it's entirely
upon you far you will go into modelling the details. One
thing you should keep in mind, though, is that the entire
Client (as you mentioned JavaScript) | Web tier is just
another client, talking to a Model (handling the business
logic) which may be finally talking to a Resource |
Persistence layer in the end, but you don't know for
real. Because: each of the 'master' layers may know
it's successor, but not the other way round. That said,
if you're really asking for a list of Design Patterns
implemented in Struts for further depiction, there's
a brief explanation of the general background plus a
list of the ones used in Struts in Appendix A in 'Struts
in Action' (Ted Husted et al.); a book you should own
(and have read twice, at least) before doing anything
in the Struts or MVC2 direction.
> Please let me know if you know of a SDLC process that addresses
> analysis/design of Struts
> based application.

Now I'm confused, as I was when I was finding
the RUP in the subject line. Well, to share the
my (limited) general understanding: a process
is a term dealing with how to organize things
best, in a stage | time-based view. Or: who
should be doing what, and at which stage of
the project (when). That's what the RUP,
among other process models, is about.
What you asked, then, was not about *when*
things should be done, or by *whom*, but
- could be I didn't really understood the
problem - *how* a problem should be
practically addressed (using Struts). Well,
actually, there is no process that 'addresses
analysis/design of Struts based application',
including the RUP. Asking for such a thing
usually shows that one hasn't completely
understood the overall context. But
certainly, I just misinterpreted the

> Thanks and Regards,
> Sree/-

-- Chris,

who just successfully installed Oracle 10g
under SuSE Linux 9.0; on his old HP E60
server :-) Yeah!

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