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From Ashish Kulkarni <>
Subject [OT]jsp and version control
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 21:13:23 GMT
We are developing a web project which incudes jsp
,struts etc. we are using VSS for source control, 
we are sending jar files to the client and each jar
file we have a manifest file which has the version
number,build number and date, so if there is any error
we just ask the version, build and date to track down
the source and fix it,
But since we cannot bundle all the jsp in jar file,
how do we know what source the client have, do we have
to include build number etc in each and every jsp we
send, or include a jsp with build number,
any ideas, how do people keep track of what jsp code
is running on client machine.
we have different clients running different versions
and build



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