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From Dirk Markert <>
Subject Re: FormBean not found in request ...
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 15:38:36 GMT
In  >>action path="/freelanceEdit"<< the type is missing. Did you copy
it correctly in your mail? Your code should work.



MM> My Action puts a FromBean into the request and forwards to a view.
MM> The view can´t find the formBean and creates a new Instance which of course
MM> is empty:-(
MM> Here is my code:
MM> struts-config.xml
MM>     <action path="/gpSucheEdit" 
MM> type="de.shs.partnerportal.adb.ui.web.actions.GpDetailAction" 
MM>         parameter="/gp_suche.jsp">
MM>         <forward
MM>             name="freelance"
MM>             path="/edit/gp_freelance.jsp" />        
MM>         <forward
MM>             name="private"
MM>             path="/edit/gp_private.jsp" />         
MM>         <forward
MM>             name="business"
MM>             path="/edit/gp_business.jsp" />                    
MM>        </action>       
MM>        <action path="/freelanceEdit" 
MM>             name="freelanceEdit" 
MM>             scope="request" 
MM>             validate="false" 
MM>             input="/edit/gp_freelance.jsp" />
MM>     <form-bean name="freelanceEdit"
MM> type="de.shs.partnerportal.adb.ui.web.forms.GpFreelanceForm" />
MM> snippet of my Action´s code:
MM>         ....
MM>         GpFreelanceForm myForm = .... some business code
MM>         request.setAttribute("freelanceEdit", myForm);
MM>         return mapping.findForward("freelance");
MM>         -> myForm ist not null.
MM> in my JSP I use this:
MM>     <html:form action="/freelanceEdit">
MM>     ... my elements ...
MM>     </html:form>
MM> Changing request to session makes it work fine.
MM> What`s the problem??


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