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From Mark Lowe <>
Subject Re: Implementing A Search Dialog - Struts
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 20:43:20 GMT

Writing to the db is another option, but I suspect slower than writing 
to a flat file (probably depends on the db and jdbc drivers).

Still think store in the session and see what breaks. If you use 
request scoped forms but store the values in the session, should be 
easier to swap out if and when you need to.

On 25 Feb 2004, at 21:27, Wendy Smoak wrote:

>> From: news [] On Behalf Of sean jones
>> How can i carry the values the user has keyed  - onto the
>> search.jsp - the searchResults.JSP and back to Pagexx.jsp
> You listed the two usual solutions.  If neither of those work, my next
> idea would be (assuming there's a database behind this somewhere) to go
> ahead and write to the database after each page of the wizard.  You
> might have to define a new table, a sort of "hold file" where you
> accumulate the input, then you'll have to deal with cleanup if the user
> disappears.  If you use a session listener, you can execute code that
> will delete the unneeded records when the session dies.
> It's not clear if this webapp is display-only or if you're doing
> database updates at the end of the wizard.
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> Wendy Smoak
> Application Systems Analyst, Sr.
> ASU IA Information Resources Management
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